When love takes a backseat

a poem by Maryse Saldanha

We sit together on the couch
Watching the eight o’clock news
He sits just inches away from me
But he feels so far apart

Ten years since we’ve been married
We were so madly in love
We would do anything to be together
For each other we could give up our life

Then we often stole away from work
For a couple of hours and go to the movies
Or just sit with each other and get lost in time
Each moment together felt sublime

He often said my eyes were beautiful
My body better than the Taj Mahal
I believed he was the best thing God created
The best anyone could ever find

He was mine I was his to claim
None ever between us could come
We were each for each other
Even gods in our togetherness joyous become
The two of us were meant to be
Nothing more beautiful in the universe could become

Marriage then bound us together
As man and wife one we become
Our marriage was planned in heaven
Who could dare to ever separate us?
Sweet bliss sweet love sweet union ours
Until death do us apart

As time went by the charm ungrew
No more all rosy seems
The flowers are a waste
It’s not his birthday for little gifts
No more sweethearts
Bitch and pig we become

As I sit on the couch with the man I so love
I wonder what has changed between us
Do I love him less?
No, that just isn’t true
I love him now just as I always have

Is it with him?
Does he love me no more?
I wonder as I observe his frame
Deep down in my heart I know that’s not true
No other woman in his heart takes my place

If we love each other
And for each other care
Why distances between us have come?
What went wrong with our love
Is it the kids or weight I gained?
No, this it true cannot be
And the reason is far too plain.

Then when we had not the time
We fought each moment to spare
We valued every second that together we shared
But now when together we are
And every moment each other see
We value not the abundance we share

With the passing of time
We have neglected our love
And take for granted the love that we share
We love not any less
We just don’t say or hear it enough
We have stopped telling each other
How much we care

‘I love you,’ said I
I didn’t think he would hear
But he turned to me and smiled
He pulled me close, as he kissed me he said
‘I love you sweetheart of mine’

True love never dies
Often we fail to see
With our busy lives we get occupied
If you love someone
Don’t neglect to say it
It may not seem much but wonders it does