Walking in Shadows

a poem by Elaine E. Howie

Why do I feel that I am walking in shadows?
Drifting through the streams of nothing better
Trying to catch the coattails of a life
Seeking to be not the other woman but the wife

Sitting up late waiting for your call
Tossing and turning with my back to the wall
Giving everyone I meet a fair chance
And being left in control of the, you blew it stance

Why are the rainbows so far from the sea?
Why is it that the shadows I follow all bounce off me?
I am walking in shadows and I don’t know why
I have my head beyond the clouds but I just barely make it by

I have made up my mind to walk into the light
I don’t know if this is going to be right
I just know that so far it feels so good
I just know that it is time I should

Why is the truth for you not so important?
But for me you blow it all out of proportion
As if the lies you lay down with in the meadows
Are as tired as I am of walking in shadows

And so now I wish my friend
For the only shadows in my life to be yours disappearing to,
The End