Until then

a poem by Rajesh Ranga Rao

The beautiful girl in my mind
Was flying like a rapid wind
Her words like the ice cream
Her image like a light beam

Followed her like a detective
Getting her was my objective
Did she sleep, did she eat
I started becoming a pirate

Love! Love! Love! Love!
Started burning like a stove
Went near and went apart
To get the sight of art

Melodious songs and funny expression
Forgot to attend a conference session
She being an an-ion
Attracted this cat-ion

Was looking at her often
Hiding in the dark den
Her smile was a spark
Eliminated the deadly dark

Making me visible to her
Her direction turned better
She came near… She came near…
Like a floating feather

I grabbed my loving dear
As there was no fear
I was about to speak
Oh! she fell asleep

And this happens daily
Ends with a tragedy
And I being silly
There is always jeopardy

When will the climax come
When will I be in her heart’s home
When will that day come
When will she say you are awesome…