a poem by Hiren Shah

It is strange that while the game of football has a Referee,
Our parliamentarians, with worse fouls are allowed to go Scott-free.
Some of their behavior and doublespeak resembles jumping of monkeys from tree to tree.
For how long can one tolerate such behavior and to what degree,
Educated or otherwise, they have to behave themselves irrespective of their pedigree.

The parliament is not a place where one can expect bonhomie.
The parliament, is a forum where they are supposed to debate, agree and disagree.
Considering, “work is worship”, instead of having the attitude of an ardent devotee,
Their conduct reminds one of a hovering butterfly when stung by a bee.
They might as well be playing with Frisbee

This kind of behavior one does not expect even from a management trainee
Rather than exchange insinuations the way kicks and blows were exchanged by Bruce Lee,
They should participate actively and spice the discussion with repartee;
They should mend their ways and listen to the speaker’s plea,
For with mass communication media, their conduct is there for all to see
They, not some government servants in Bihar who should be deprived of their salary
It is high time they conduct themselves in a way that can be deemed parliamentary.

One cannot grudge anybody wanting to be carefree;
Because there is nothing wrong in it prima facie.
But not when it involves tax payer’s hard earned rupee.
Unless they reform themselves, any real progress can only remain a fantasy.
Individuals do not matter, all should be responsible;not just Arun Shourie or Jaitley

On the subject of reforming themselves, unless they give some guarantee,
The systemic vicious circle makes one feel as helpless as a refugee
They need to pull up their socks and mend their ways badly
Otherwise the electorate shall look forward to get permanently rid of them gladly
Nobody even in retrospect then shall look upon it sadly.
At least nobody then shall react so angrily.