To Mind

a poem by Dhanabalakrishnan K

Once impeccable you are, filled no filth and be free,
Before the fruit tasted from the forbidden tree;
Where from you imported the evils infinite,
Expelling yourself form Eden, where no fear or fright.

Sink not, O Mind, in the bygone terrible past,
And fear not of the future approaching fast;
Live the Present and realize where you stand,
And lead the life at your own command.

Behold the pismire friends that are born to toil,
Creeping pride on the sand as the sons of the soil;
Cull they the grains from here and there with cheer,
To be pleasant and free from the pluvial fear.

Rest not, reach the height with rigorous might,
Because Failure meets those who fail with life to fight;
Mind no more, O Mind, of the ordeals that swoon,
Cos, the time will come, for them to go wrack and ruin.

When you stand still, and wait in the gate of Fate,
Follow you only your deeds, nor your wife or mate;
Think only of Good and let others to Almighty’s choice,
Lot there are in life to reach and to rejoice.