Time has to come – II

a poem by Ramesh T A

By Krishna avatar God destroyed demons with tricks and tactics here;
By Buddha avatar He uplifted the downtrodden with love and wisdom!
Not the incarnations of God but the bold acts of good men set right all!
This is the mission of good men in all the fields of human endeavour!

Forgetting good doctrines or education men work only for material benefits!
So instead of love, peace and honesty sex, violence and corruption rule now!
Wrong education, thinking, planning and deeds are the causes behind all
The happenings that cause concern for the well being of noble things here.

Education supposed to bring out the talent is just stuffing knowledge useless;
Vast jobless people create crisis and wrongly employed people play politics!
Like the day robbers rowdies and authorities loot the public before their eyes;
So, how can sincere people supposed to be employed on merit basis there be?

All the political parties are of the same breed and brand with different labels,
Which the people should know through news media and vote for the better.
That’s the best way to bring about changes in politics, judiciary and education.
That way gossip on politics and blaming legal or educational system will stop!

Supermen of society should inspire men with encouraging ideas symbolizing
Kalki avatar of God who will come on white horse with brandishing sword
Like the mighty Parasurama who slashed down the heads of dictators with axe!
So, parents should develop the talents of their kids in arts and sports to excel!

Perhaps the Lord has left the leviathans to go ahead with their immoral ideas
Only to send them all to hell en bloc at the end of the game nearing completion!
So, the pious men have to perfect themselves in their works of great vision
Encouraging themselves with that hope and resourcefully go ahead in life!

The time that takes of survey of the villains and the world will put a good stop;
Till then the Lord may allow them many chances to rectify and repair the wrongs.
But the net is closing tight and their time is certainly coming to a logical end,
When education will prepare the people to fulfill the dreams of the new world!