The Village and the City

a poem by Rajendran M

Cities glitter with allowances
But villages close their bare necks
with torn ends of beggarly HRA.
Gandhi’s dreams are in books.

Vacancies in villages are unsought
but those in cities are booked in advance.
To the vexed rural public servants,
learned touts clinch the deals.

Till the prospective buyers
knock at with bundles of currencies,
vacancies in cities wait with garlands.
The rate goes sky high to rock the heaven.

Fridge, TV, PC -. are exchanged
to strike a bargain at times.
Officers wait at the feet of whores
who are the breezy shores for the scoundrels.

Vegetables, electronic goods, clothes
are dead cheap in cities.
For education and healthcare of their wards,
the ill paid in villages borrow in sorrow.

The soldiers are groomed in villages
but the cities breed beings with itching palms.
The pillars of the nation are from hamlets
but the killers are at large in cities.

To boost it’s luxury, a city has CCA;
a village has no VCA to scare penury.
Subordinates surpass the officers in Degrees.
The whole of India nauseates.