The Seven Months of Hernan Ray – Part 3

a poem by Abhimanyu Rawat

For months no-one heard of him,
Hope was abandoned.
But Felicia stood by her door everyday.
Looking longingly for a letter.
And one fateful day it came-
It read:
Dear Felicia,
Each day drags on.
More dull and lifeless than the last.
We have not heard of the enemy.
“He will come!” is what they say.
But in our hearts we know its a lie.
It pains me to not be able to look at your face.
I move forward-
Only to fall back upon you very soon.
I see the sunset and sunrise,
But all seem to lack beauty.
You complete them,
As you complete me.
I shall return soon.
She clenched this to her heart,
A precious tear escaped her eye.
And she looked into the sunset,
Somewhere far away-
Hernan looked too.