The Public Enemy

a poem by Punit N Parikh

Come lets be frank and speak,
He has been living in our imaginations,
Sometimes termed as the public enemy,
Or, mildly known as, freak computer geek.

Whenever this system goes down
He has been cursed with merciless delight
His insane sense for creativity
That is often met with a frown

The head behind every malicious script
Sitting locked in his dark abyss
Churning numbers, decrypting your privacy
As away from imperfection he wishes to drift.

We have been taught to hate him
But in some corner of our heart
There is a person, who strives for perfection,
Who wishes to break shackles and fly free

Then why is his quest termed aimless?
His strife for perfection, misleading
And every thought of appreciating,
His computing genius, met with a pause?