The precursor of the events to come

a poem by Ramesh T A

All of a sudden all the birds are rushing out;
Where are they flying out so fast and why?
A safe place to live peacefully perhaps they fly so
Far away from the sounds of bombs and bullets!

The sudden exodus of birds and reptiles from their hide outs
Forewarns the coming earthquakes, I heard of a Chinese belief;
Fauna is the precursor of the coming events of flora!
For Nature never threatens mankind without a fore warning.

The Intelligentsia but not the Animals don’t understand the Secrets of Nature
As they disobey the Laws of Nature, the Will of God!
Though a part, man does everything as if different from Nature;
What a great enigma Human Nature is!
Love has the power to tame all the living beings;
But some men betray even the men of love for material gain!

All the aspects of the animals are imbibed and improved to the stage of divine in man
With the mind controlling the senses and choosing the best path to follow!
This thinking, smiling and talking Homo Sapien is surely superior to all the Species in the World
If only he takes the initiative to discover and know the nature of his Real Self!
And with love and knowledge pure and good man can ever know and reach the Ultimate Reality, Truth!
Can man with such a capacity, such a power not predict the future events?

Certainly it’s possible as some men have the power of Extra Sensory Perception!
Also, Photometry, Telepathy and Clairvoyance are some of the powers known extraordinary persons possess!
And so, the past, the present and the future are within the reach of man to know and tell!
Astrology, Transmigration of Soul and Resurrection of the Dead are well known past achievements of the Indians!
Where have gone away from man such extraordinary powers?

They must be latent in man but perhaps forgotten the art to bring them out!
For recollecting that art perhaps Creatures of Nature are created with Super Powers but Man with Mind
To attain (universalising) truth by perfecting (individualising) knowledge and (unifying) love!
Therefore man has to live as to Nature to observe and understand rather than to control it
So that he could express as in the past the precursors of the events to come in scriptures sacred!