The part of the world we live – II

a poem by Ramesh T A

Democratisation of nations is a good sign in the right direction;
But the end of Cold War has empowered USA as World’s Police,
That still maintains balance of power to win future wars using
New weapons without aiming for moratorium of Nuclear Weapons!

UNO established for peace and security should work for world unity;
European Union should expand to East Europe, Russia and then Asia;
And Africa and America should align with Eurasia to form One World!
For, the dream of European, African, Asian and American Unions is so!

By air, sea, land continents are connected for communication and trade;
Only heart is needed for love, friendship, cooperation and world unity!
Handing over all weapons to UNO all nations can aspire for one world
With one language, currency, common laws and defense for prosperity!

Patriotism should not end in nationalism but extend to internationalism;
By developing international culture through friendship it is possible.
Social thinking should precede economic thought in the world today;
That is the way human culture can govern the modern world of man.

Economic and scientific activities have made man into a money machine;
Even politics has become a big business for making black money only!
So, the world has become a gambling hall to play games to win wealth
That threatens unsustainable sincere men to succumb to unsteady state!

Nazism and communism were ugly but fundamentalism and terrorism uglier!
Now good, bad and ugly shake the modern world with earthquake intensity!
Then social thinking branded man as a social animal in the world of business;
Now humanisation of man has become a big problem in the modern world!