The Green Eyed Monster – I

a poem by Ramesh T A

O Green eyed Monster! How many dreamers have you destroyed!
I am horrified to know this going through the pages of human hearts!
Only Almighty has to save the good society from further destruction
Designed by the disciples of this monster when it reigns supreme!

According to one’s qualification one should desire what one deserves;
But if the desire transcends qualification all dreams only end in lunacy!
Political support rowdies use to dominate over the poor people sometime
But unfavourable results will certainly send them to jails permanently!

Power users should be careful about their position in public to save face;
Official power bureaucrats use to assert their authority on the people;
Power can be used only within the frame work of the law of the land;
For, misuse of power will make one shamefully lose one’s position soon!

Use of power without the knowledge of authority will make one poor;
A leader with the full support of the people enjoys real power in full;
But a person with knowledge, intelligence and wisdom has true power
And has the capacity to hold any position to accomplish one’s mission.

Complex men seek power to enjoy sadistic pleasure or satisfy their ego;
They indulge in violence, terrorism and wars to force men to sadness;
They enjoy sadistic pleasure at the sight of men in desolation or despair;
And till they end in tragic death they forcefully drag all to untold misery!