The Great

a poem by Ramesh T A

Nobody bothers about who is great in the world;
But everybody likes to know who becomes great;
How one becomes great is all time suspense here
That can’t be decided by power, position or possession.

By birth or status one may become great;
By intelligent efforts one may become great;
By luck also one may become great;
But the greatness of a man depends on his principles
All great men are the followers of great principles;
Principle and practice make them great in the world.

Great men make great promises and also fulfill them without fail;
They live in deeds and silence but not in time and speeches.
The heart but not the head that reveals the great from the elite;
Out of love the great do things great before they elate to the sky.
The achievements they leave behind ever talk tall about the great;
And inspire everyone to aspire for the great in the world.

Temples, churches and mosques are the achievements of their greatness;
Schools, hospitals, gardens and so on are the extensions of their achievements.
Love, culture and civilisation are their way of life in the world;
Wisdom, justice and truth are bases upon which they stand tall ever;
Arts, science and philosophy are the scales they use to measure truth;
Love and truth are their foundation upon which they build their empire.

Inspiration nothing but inspiration is the first and the last thing of a leader;
Inspiration gives determination to think great things and do great things;
With inspiration great men do everything from first to last in their lives;
The inspiration they propagate people make success many a project;
With inspiration they move the people and move the world as they wish.

This stuff is the snuff poets, prophets and leaders take and teach mankind;
Even death only destroys the body but not the spirit of these great men.
These great men show honour to love and courage in the world;
Also, whoever men may be they give and take respect in honour.

Power corrupts one but not the really great;
Wealth makes one arrogant but not the really great;
Knowledge makes one feel proud but not the really great.

Once to power unlike others they never forget their friends old or dear;
Once wealthy they repay their debts and help others also become wealthy;
Once knowledgeable they never feel superior but make others also knowledgeable.
Great men are ever great even though they become low in life sometimes;
But that is the hallmark of the greatness of a great man in the world.