The Bride

a poem by Nandita Pai

Adorned in her wedding attire,
With delicate jewellery, made of gold,
Palms covered with intricate Mehendi,
Shy and beautiful,
She was a perfect Indian bride.
With an air of confidence,
She greeted all.
Her captivating smile,
Cast a spell,
On everyone who beheld.
The rituals began,
Garlands were exchanged,
Vows were made,
A beautiful future,
They dreamt of, together.
With lowered eyes,
She stood by him,
Man and wife.
“The perfect match”,
Everyone echoed.
Then it was time,
To bid her goodbye.
With gleamy eyes,
They let her go.
Every childhood memory,
She took with her,
As she stood at the doorstep,
Of a new journey in life.
She glanced back,
One more time,
There it was again,
The beautiful smile.