a poem by Prasad Balan

Since Tehelka I have a sense of hatred towards politics and
hence I am hereby writing about the same.

They have something new happening in their life,
Just as a man without wife,
So easy to sit on the chair,
But difficult to do everything fair,
Its groups like Tehelka that bring out the true fact,
Late though we found out this gruesome act,
No need of anymore proofs and discussion,
Its time to get ready for the real action,
Punishments and penalties are no less than escape,
It would be nice if govt. gives them a real close shave,
Ministers and leaders are just for name,
Revealing the ugly side of human face,
Greed and power is all that matters for them,
Sure something which we can’t be proud of them,
Wipe out such indecent and greedy people,
Say ninety million Indian people.