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When I found them

a poem by Pankaj Kumar

I was an introvert, as I always was
But some things changed the law
Now when I am introduced to the world
And is not reduced to only my self
I realize that
It was me who was mad
Thought that it is only my self
But with these introductions help
Have found the world is great
Just I am late
To understand what world is

Money makes the world go round

a poem by Devaki Purohit

Money makes the world go round
What am I searching for, what have I found?
An absolute truth is there any
Perspectives and opinions are so many
Positions, stands and histories
What is real and what are stories
Where the self, where is the public?
What does one choose and live by it
Theories over action or action over theories
Either choice will make you seem myopic
Living simply has become so difficult
Or is it our over thinking that makes it so unattainable
Is anything real or everything just an illusion?
Will life just go on?
Or will these vexations find some form…

The Unchanged

a poem by Alok Mishra

Win and loss; pearls and pleasures;
The indifferent waves of mighty ocean;
The fading evening and rising Sun;
Oft the falling and trembling heart measures:
‘What was the thing that changed?’
‘Where is the world? Where will it be?’