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Don’t say how

a poem by Aayna .

Hey woman, you don’t need empowerment
You have your power
You need praise
Not an advice,
You are not made for gossips
You can live without lipsticks
You can climb, jump and crawl
You are who to choose
What, when and Why
You don’t need a forum
You need a moral
You can be ‘The’
When you erase ‘How’


a poem by Swapna Gopinath

Fixed in a moment of agony
Of pain and shame and fear
Revisiting the moment
Regurgitating the vomit
Belonging to a sick soul
My body resists and recalls
To redeem myself is impossible
With breasts that’s grown fuller
With disturbed pangs of pleasure
The shame of his sin returns
Tormenting me, forcibly
Ageing skin and failing vision
Refuse to let go of the moment
Laughter clubs, yoga clinics
Myriad ways of escape
May be, a hand that feels the pain
Will fight the demons away… May be?

Your Feminity

a poem by Avijeet Das

Feminity for me
Was discovering you
When I took you for a ride
On my Bajaj Discover

Charming for me
Was talking to you
When you would call me
And I would call you
And we would talk
Till 3:00 am in the morning

Love for me is you
When I get blazingly angry
Almost raging like a mad bull
And you calm me down
With your patience and grace