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I want to be a tree on the mountain top

a poem by Shyamashri Ray Karmakar

I want to be a tree on the mountain top,
standing tall on the stony ground.
I’ll suck water from the breast of earth,
as we suck milk from our mothers’ breast.
My roots’ll go deep down into her,
the bond, hence, will remain unchanged.
I’ll rise and rise high in the sky.
The clouds will pass by so close
brushing against my eager skin.
I’ll spread myself in the thin air,
get drenched at night in the tears
of the sky, feel warmth of his love
throughout the whole day.
I’ll be the home to the birds.
My joy’ll blossom as flowers
and peace will be my fruits.
My tears, like falling leaves, will
roll down with dew drops,
hand in hand.