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The other way

a poem by Adner J

They chose the route to the right
But I picked the right path,
Theirs circumscribes their sight
Mine leads to the aftermath.

They have wings to fly around
I stick to the lowest ground,
For I know that fate brings down
Both unknown and renowned.

They carry their lofty misdeeds
that were once little seeds,
After their many years of sin
They are now the devil’s kin

They take pride in cunning
and embrace lies as their folks.
I have grown tired of running
from such falsity and hoax.


a poem by Bipul Banerjee

Journey through metamorphosis has left me spell bound,
Evolution materialistically has been a constant hound!

Unending race with and against time,
Gravity had shifted from what was prime!

Cages around me changed shapes and sizes,
Garments wrapped in accordance to prizes!

Layer after layer buried all illumination into ‘dusk’
Reality lost to virtual, perfumes covered by musk!

Hurt, pitied, Healed and nursed,
Everything so shallow but thought well-versed!

Intoxicated and high with love, once tumbled deep into self,
Deeper the excavation, faster the realization that remained (so far) on shelf!

Breaking free from self imposed shackles of emotions,
Soul settles at ‘dusk’, the cages, the garments, the layers… vanish, banish all notions!

The ‘dusk’ stands illuminated from all myths and erosion,
Immunity towards all ‘hurts’ without confusion!

Assaults have been on the garment ed cage,
Blood runs from the buried layers of rage!

‘Dusk’ is pure as it used to be,
Pity the souls unable to lead,
The book is open for all to read,
Literature is sublime, illiteracy the only crime which has nothing but guilt to plead!

Cradle of Compassion

a poem by Satheesan Rangorath

I was fumbling in the darkness.
Tsunami of night was consuming me.
Wading I walked slowly in faulty steps,
Faltering my feet fell on unknown terrain.

Frustrated I looked around for a familiar sound.
No there is only louder drumming of fear.
Heart beats in faster and faster tones.
I closed my eyes creating more darkness.

Resigning to my fate I spoke in delirium.
A cold shower of emotions dampened me.
My spirits drenched in my emotions.
Stranded in my thoughts I cuddled to sleep.

I woke up as a little child so confused.
Suddenly I saw the light of a laughter.
Sharpened my ears I tried to listen.
Yes, I Had heard it before, far from depth of time.

Slowly I heard a footfall nearing me.
I got shuffled and waited anxiously.
A soft subtle aroma spread around.
I heard a clang of bangles in my ears.

Glitter of a diamond nose stud.
Then brilliance of a sweet smile.
I saw the entire world for a split second.
My eyes filled, tear was flowing instantly.
I was carried in the cradle of compassion
I was toddling holding the tip of Her Saree.

Face of Truth

a poem by Satheesan Rangorath

World is a matter of light and shades.
Everything shines after brilliance of truth.
Darkness dips its brush in fluorescence,
Puts blush of a rouge on her face.

There is in the duality of world,
Evolves a black side and a bright side.
All love a world under flood light,
Shines showing spring flowers of life.

Nothing exists as single in this universe.
If one is real, the other is a reflection.
A shadow follows every matter no matter.
Ultimately consumes one another.

Sun eats away moon on an eclipse day.
It is Moon’s day to eat the sun on a lunar day .
Twins strike entire macrocosm each day.
Microcosm remains inside as seeds.

Masters who ascent to a higher realm;
Settles there in pure gleam of ecstasy.
Holy Mother of universe observes, and
Transforms each one into unique unity.

In the high realms of effulgence;
Remains none other than purity, the face of truth.
Fire sanctifies each life to knowledge,
Tongues of fire licks away impurities.

Whole of cosmic dream merges into one delight.
Enters into end of knowledge- into silence.
Wisdom dawns from the enlightenment.
Beauty of muteness appears like a dawn!

Elements of Grace

a poem by Satheesan Rangorath

As she smiles Sun, Moon and Stars fade
Universe bows down at her lotus feet
Entire galaxies revolve around her love
Five elements of world create a canopy

Air that breeze around her gets purified
The sweet fragrance of love streams off her heart
Water she touches turns into holy river Ganges
She sprinkles her grace on all around

By a soft feel of fingers she fertilizes soil
Hopes and love sprouts in hearts of earth
New fine potteries ‘n’ idols are created
Then infused ticks of life by pouring air

By soft subtle speeches she soothed minds
Fire of wisdom burned away garbage of life
She lighted soft warm flames in the hearth
Heaping her compassion ‘n’ love as offering

Oh mother of all, let me pray that I be an offering
Let me offer a little space in my heart for you
Let me build a temple of gratitude for being with us
Oh holy mother consecrate this temple!

Oh! There

a poem by Satheesan Rangorath

Birth after birth, we go on spilling
Filth and dirt all though our walks
Then one day, we hope some one to lead
Hold our hands, to the promised land
Where births and deaths end
Oh there, I visualize a soft smile!

The Unchanged

a poem by Alok Mishra

Win and loss; pearls and pleasures;
The indifferent waves of mighty ocean;
The fading evening and rising Sun;
Oft the falling and trembling heart measures:
‘What was the thing that changed?’
‘Where is the world? Where will it be?’

Sin and Lamentation

a poem by Alok Mishra

Sin and Lamentation
The shadow will fade when darkness illumines
And enriches my weary soul with torment,
I remember my horrible deeds, my sins
Those now force me to helplessly lament
Over the days now alive in nostalgia!

Is man bond to sin? O God!
Does everyone only later lament? Say Thee,
Watching from there, sitting in heavenly abode
Canst Thou of the sins make man free?
Or the sin and lamentation is all fate?

So the truth can nowhere be seen,
Those who saw are graved, are dead,
Though none is, but some who are keen,
Will find that unsearchable, and will fade!

Truth of Life

a poem by Satheesan Rangorath

I covered my face by thin veil of a dream.
At last a dream came true, still unbelievable,
a large world outside is hissing and hooting.
I forgot hustle and bustle around me for a while.

Was hiding behind compassion of her holiness.
Suddenly my chattering mind fell silent abruptly.
I saw it falling into a blank plateau of muteness.
Time passed in full swing unaware by my senses.

Then I was feeling secure on mother’s lap.
As if in a spiritual intoxication I was relaxing.
Now, I do not hear anything or succumb to senses.
I was in a retreat to heaven, floating on wings of ecstasy.

In a split second I heard a rhythmic heart beat.
Then slowly I heard the entire world in a chromosome.
I could listen to all the sound and smell of life.
I heard the bloom of life and death in a split second.

I was listening to the grind of entire universe.
Was wondering about the existence of a cosmic dream.
Then I became a solvent in the truth of her realization.
I came out, becoming a part of motherhood.
I felt my each cell listening to the rhythm of truth,
Truth of life is meditating in the womb of time.

Idol of my Heart

a poem by Satheesan Rangorath

I created an idol in my heart.
It was an investiture by my feelings.
It adores each and every thought,
Adorning my life every way as it moves
Every day I added my thoughts to it,
clothed in subtle fabrics of mind.
My vision stretched into each cell,
Invoking with oblation of love,
ornamented every bit of her body.
Colourful shades danced with tunes.
Creating metaphors and similes I sang,
bowing my heart out in praise.
Images took her to unknown realms,
into infinity of my imaginations.
I worshipped her by chosen phrases
But she never uttered a sound.
One day I broke her into pieces
she never uttered a sound yet
In the silence of night she embraced my soul.
I succumbed merging myself into her.
She broke my identity casually.
I lost in her secrecy, melting down.
like a stream I flow ‘n’ float in magnitude.