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Broken heart

a poem by Sangeetha Mohan

I was the home of happiness
In which the flowers of smile
Bloomed all through the year
A heart so filled with content
But fate’s spell haunted me
Cut my spirit into two
For when happiness was only an illusion
I talk to myself and cry within me
In my world of loneliness
I’am alone with nothing
A hurt heart to be healed…

Sorrow of the Soul

a poem by Binu M Haneef

Screaming innocence, weeping motherhood
Barking barbarians, dying humanity
Oh Lord! Break your silence
Demolish the pyramid of blind faith
Destruct the world with gigantic waves
Let the sun rays never touch the earth

Moonlit night, dazzling stars
Roaring waves, blasting sound
Pale eyes, colorless dreams
Oh Lord! Let’s finish all the lessons

Sunny Morning , singing birds
Stepping to the world of wisdom
Gathering to celebrate a day
Beautiful sights, but suspicious clouds
Setting Sun in the middle of the day

Oh Lord! Unborn dreams , unread letters
Everything we left while dreaming
Everything we left while reading
Everything we left while sharing

Courageous numpty armed, exploding themselves
Ruin the entire world with the gun of shattered thoughts
Bloodstained footsteps, cluttered classrooms
And cut down budding innocent smiles

It was the heaven where we lived with beloved parents
It was the heaven where we were with our masters
It was the heaven where we spent precious moments with kinship
It was the heaven where we could meet illustrious people

Oh Lord! Please don’t give us a second birth
Since You made us helpless creatures
Please don’t give them a second chance
Since You made them merciless creatures

Oh Lord! Flying to the empty space ,
Hoping to the world of peace
Kissing the womb of mother,
Hoping she gets the warmth