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Heart of a Harlot

a poem by Divya Nishant Ranote

Nobody understood
Those pathetic eyes
Jibes all the way
Unfolding luscious ties
All were gazing her
With ambiguity
But what I realized
Was that inside beauty
Amidst the metro
Full of lecherous in disguise
Those eyes asked me
For being so nice
And these eyes of mine
Closed for a moment
In respect of the inside shrine
Bringing a smile on her face so divine…

The Red Light Crossing

a poem by Neeru Chaudhuri

Yes, it’s a traffic signal
A red light crossing they say
Where everyone goes
In their own way!!!

No difference… same road,
Yet we’re so much apart
“They” bear heat and severe cold
Yet we sit and wait in our AC car.

A small beggar girl, pulls my shirt…
Asking for some pennies
But alas! I could feel her pain,
Yet, I don’t give any!

A woman with a child
Says she needs food
I deny… I would not
As this will not do her
Any good!

A man showing books
A handicap selling Rose
A child selling toys
Though he himself would never
Play with those!

A boy selling balloons…
Noble thought… let’s help now
I buy six of them
Feeling so happy now.

He runs feeling thrilled
Myself also little content
For this lasts for
Only few more moments!

Alas! there’s no way
That we could help them
Bring… a permanent smile
Into their little lives
A big question comes everyday
In many of our minds!

A gesture of Virtue
A feeling of Serenity
We’ll award ourselves with
While they’ll keep on meeting us
In their clothes, torn and dusty!