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Art of Wings

Winged art moving
Time as a poetic glazier—
It’s a music delighting eyes,
A dance that floats, stunning
The silence of eternity;
Watching them climb
Higher and Higher, their
Celestial robes having the
Precision of a mobile art
Gallery— I am standing
On the earth, while you
Open the art of an experience;
You disappear from my vision-
Yet you have chosen a destiny–
A white flame merging as a song
Of love, your breath now,
An ethereal cosmic whisper.

To My Darling Wife on Her Birthday (6-1-2015)

You’re my princess
My happiness
You’re my life
My dear wife

You’re my sweetheart
My cheerfulness
Angel from above
Who showed what’s true love

I love the things you do
Though I talk less, I love you
God chose you to be mine
You are my soul’s sunshine

You met my wants on time
You made my life wholesome
I can’t imagine a life sans you
My successes to you belong

You’re an amazing lady
May God give you good health
I wish you also wealth
Happy Birthday dear belov’d.

You’re special in every way
’Tis an important day
I thank God for His Mercy today
Mercy, Happy Birthday!

Most lovingly dedicated to my better half
Mrs. Mercy Rajam Caroline B.Sc., B.Ed.

Dilemma of Eternity

Rising Sun is shadow of truth,
Selfless devotion to humankind!
Human trapped in lust and mirth
With will enormous and path so blind.

With service, the Sun rises;
And serving sinks in ‘Ocean’.
Guns and cannons roar as their prizes
Of eternal walks to unfathomed ‘Horizon’.

After rain, selflessly he shines
Giving their carcasses some warmth;
Busy are their hands – drawing new lines
Of gloom, sorrows, death and the Holy wrath!

Eternal Sun rises, shines and sinks
With hope that tomorrow is someday new…

Lucifer and the Angel

‘Beseech thee, pardon my soul,
Let me go, O’ Lucifer!’
Groaned the angel in fangs of death,
Trust there melts; remains no faith.
Calm white attire
Confronted the dark,
Silence of the ‘liar’
She could now hark.
‘Give me your soul,
Or I myself should take?
Better make no howl,
My territory, it is death lake…’
Commanded the evil might
With hands raised
In authority to pluck her soul away.
Ah! Horrible sight,
Nothing the angel said
And could feel nothing but dismay!
‘What bad I did to you?’
Suddenly she asked.
The devil spread his masculine wings,
Laughed, and in her helplessness,
Like the savage beast, he basked.
‘Causes are for goodness,
No cause to bad.
Death is the truth!
Better be not sad…’
With words of pride
Lusty with shallow wisdom,
He put his right hand upon her neck.
Suddenly the angel faded
Like the time wrapped in sand.
The devil now wondered
With his empty hand.
A horrible loud voice:
“There is LIGHT,
The Authority of universe.
Darkness is not endowed
To bring goodness or adverse
In the world.”