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a poem by Uvais Girach

Walking along the streets, rain is with me
Listening to it’s voice, music is with me
Silence appeared when rain went away
Everything faded away but “I” is with me

Thinking about the past, memories are with me
Repeating of thoughts, pain is with me
From the past to the present, nothing remains
Everything faded away but “I” is with me

Fun with friends, joy is with me
Fighting with them, sadness is with me
All between broken relations of life
Everything faded away but “I” is with me

Through the struggle, hard work is with me
But with the luck, success is with me
Between Every failure and success stories
Everything faded away but “I” is with me

Loving my mother, life is with me
I am her Shadow, existence is with me
What is “I” now a no more myth
My mother is “I” and “I” is with me

My mother is my life and life is with me
My mother is my life and life is with me


a poem by Kirankumar Mishra

Promised to carry you
In her womb
Promised to protect you
In her arms
Promised to love you
In her heart
She buried her happiness
Under your smile
Her ambitions were a sacrifice
Under your success
Patting your head to sleep
And cooking your favourite meal
She is the unsung hero of your life
Through heartbreaks and contentments
She cried and smiled with you
Through collapse and triumph
She stood by your side
Irreplaceable and priceless
Who stood guard to your fortress
She is your Mother


a poem by Subhash Roy Choudhury

She was lying on a bed
Silent and motionless,
Not even looking at me.
Doctor declared her lifeless.
But she was still there at the ventilator,
Then how he told, she was no more.
Puzzled, how could it be doctor?
Who was then lying inside there?
Were they two instead of one?
Then who was there and who had gone?
Who was free and who was abandoned?
I hug the body which was left behind,
As she was only my beloved mother
Whom I would miss hence.