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a poem by Nitin Aniyan Thomas

Are we machines or human?

Rest, I don’t know when
Our only break is with the book
Not even time to eat or cook
Engaged all the time with a bunch of patients to look

Our life revolves around books, patient and hospital
We are always on the toe waiting for the next bell
What is sleep, I forgot
Calls in the middle of the night
When we just begin to roll our eyes and sleep tight

Home and entertainment seems alien
Hospital is our main home and den
Is our life meant to be sacrificed this way
Will there be some happiness and entertainment some day
After all these hard work… our salary is not even upto an engineers pay

Doctor profession was once called noble
But now I would rather modify it and call horrible
Slog and work is not the only motive and aim

God gave us life not to just take care of lives but also for ourselves to live too

We are also humans
Not any machines or god
We too need a normal life… Oh Lord!