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An uncanny Love Story

a poem by Raghav N

We came into this World together.
Although born separately, we were always there for each other.

We went to the same school, college, and workplace.
Whilst there were many like her, something said
She deserves a special place.

I don’t know how She saw the strengths and flaws in me.
But, she was exactly like me.

We would easily break to the tantrums of the World.
Yet we wished to prudently grow old.

I thought we would always be together, like a paper and a pen.
Until I saw him looking at her like a wild beast from his den.

I dreaded if God started to hate me, for this can’t be true.
The thought of not being with her left me blue.

I gathered all my strength, held her tightly, clutched to her arms,
And assured her “I won’t let this happen, come what may!”
All he needed was just a little more effort and he snatched her away.

For all that I was, I could do nothing but see him, vandal.
My life became dark, like a room without candle.

He took her to his bed, and I was half-dead.

My mind became numb, as everything started to concur.
My breath went off, as he chocked her throat and drowned her.

I always knew this would happen sometime or the other.
Is it too much to ask for? All I wanted was a kiss together.

As a half of her body went off, he ate her other half.
The whole world seemed to fall, as she lay dead in the hall.

My world was destroyed.
But, the beast seemed to have enjoyed.

I wanted to run. As now, it was my turn.
Also, I wanted to stay and kill him in the same way.

I could imagine her suffering,
And wanted to save what was remaining.

As it had to happen,
Half of my body went off, and he ate the other half.

My heart melted when I met her deep down in the Ocean of Milk,
She said this to me, while I played with her hair like silk.

“Although he is the reason we are dead.
Now, we shall always be together.
Isn’t it the only thing that we ever wanted?”

(Love Story of a Drowned Biscuit)

What made me quote

a poem by Shubham Kamble

Sipping down a crystal of dark
Warmth spread, as it passed down my throat
Leaving a burning numbness in my chest
As toxicity disintegrates my soul
My senses faded away
Poured out the magical words, I wrote
“You look so beautiful.”
Was it the ink
Was it the
Fermented cane that made me quote?


a poem by Akhil Kumar Mishra

I see a reflection, clear and silver white like Moon, moving but slow.

The reflection contains uncertain imaginations,
the crazy footsteps of callousness of yesteryear’s,
I hear the faint sounds of falling leaves and the unending silence of my surroundings.

Where are the phrases of love that came involuntarily once upon a time!
Repeating in my ears about the eternity of emotions and gratitudes of compassion?
Instead there is still a silence uncanny questioning why I melted so often.

Love is a shadow, stops when eyes define the boundaries,
a wall of hopes and aspirations, constricted in the vagaries of living.

I hold the doused flames of love in my betrayed hands and
smile at the transparent pains that cling to me to take forward.

Rainfall tonight

a poem by Mirza Sharafat Hussain Beigh

Let me return to past, let me recall tonight
With me cries, each corner and wall tonight

What let flowers to slit throat in my garden
Who has invoked the curse to fall tonight

My screams have awoken people from sleep
Separation to be mourned in rainfall tonight?

He might be Abbas-e-Ali collecting tears
Mourners have sighted him tall tonight

Mirza, your phone is ringing since evening
Who told you to deny her call tonight?

Endless Life

a poem by Anuja Pandey

I want this day to end
I want this pain to end
I want my nerves to feel me
I want you to be out of my system

It’s you who left and it’s me who is left behind
Come back or take me.

This day seems incomplete, this sentence seems incomplete,
My breath seems incomplete

I tried to hold tight, I tried to stand straight,
but this feeling doesn’t go away

I die day by day

I know you don’t want me back,
I know you ended it for real.

But I still stand with the fear what if you were unclear.

My heart beats for you, my life is all about you
but now as you are gone, I am left with nothing at all

I want this day to end
I want this pain to end
I want my nerves to feel me
I want you to be out of my system

Lucifer and Lilith

a poem by Poumita Paul

Hail the spirit of pre-natural love!
The third day of Creation
After day parted the nights
Before the earth bore the greens
With earth and the sea
They grubbed me

With his craft I posed
His glow I shined
His eyes I dreamed
Amidst the pearls of Heaven
I sparked
Through the Chivalrous Morning Star
Hail the spirit of pre-natural love!

Hail the spirit of pre-natural love!
On the cloth of Venus
Lay the abode of love
Woods crecered, greens belled
Flowering the seeds and petals
Revere thy holy art
O great Lucifer!

‘Eden’ I spell
The beginning, the end
The bliss of time
O first lady!
Hail the spirit of pre-natural love!

Hail the spirit of pre-natural love!
Six seeds I sow this hour
The fruits of life
The dust crafts oblige
To strive the beginning
From the end

Fruit of ‘creare’
The first to cross
Recces the crafts
Of their self
Their exts we craft
The ints they must
By four next
Lay the fruit green
Love it preech
For dusts to beat
Two bends in left
Shines the purple ‘humere’
The shade of life
Worth the life
Sly to exist
Fruit of ‘cogn’
Would not lie far
Three leaps to dust
To limpid self
Souls to seek for eternity
A five mahagonies
Shall fall the fruit ‘soverain’
A taste of whose
Crash the parochials
Oneself greater than one
By one for one
The five seeds
Would bear seeds
Of fullness in life
For the last reward
Hides in red
In four twitching hands
‘Plaisir’ it is
Dusts seek flesh
Devoir to exist
Comes to full
O cherry Lilith!
Thy Lucifer intrigue
Hail the spirit of pre-natural love!

Hail the spirit of pre-natural love!
O the great thinker
My heart on thy feet
May pluralities be by thou
For they seek dust in dust
To bathe their glory
With no fleshy exts
Thou may fall
What for me?

Hail the spirit of pre-natural love!
Written in cards
Five to pluck
For no craft with trase
May pluck the sixth
Creation sans length
Wouls churn the power
Earth rests in earth
Fleshes would spell
Aware, sensed, tensed
May spell me devil
Or thou demon of ill
But shall no craft
Be craft for long
Hail the spirit of pre-natural love
Lights bygone
Shall relish the nocturnal love
Morning star unseen
Creeping up the sea rocks
Shall kiss the beauty world lusts for
Shining bright thou will
With every ellipse
Back the venus cloud
Shall make love
With the king of darkness
Hail the spirit of pre-natural love!

Come to me

a poem by Sujata Pawar

Come to me, when you are lonely,
I will be your friend and companion.

Come to me, when you are hurt,
I will take your pain and heal you,

Come to me, when you are low,
I will raise your spirits and energize you,

Come to me, when you have no one,
I will be your friend and lover,

Than come to me, for you miss me,
And I will enliven this world for both of us.