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Karma… what goes around…

a poem by Ketan Sonalkar

What goes around comes around
Be it relations or any other interaction
Sometimes it is very profound
And many a times a different reaction

Karma may be a given name as such
But what matters is your dedication
You may give someone so much
Still leading only to commotion

A good deed may be done this week
But the rewards may take years to reap
The positive vibrations always leak
Returning the rewards in a huge heap

What goes around will come around
But you never know from where
Either the sky or the ground
In your destiny it will always be there

What you do today will be repaid later
Whether it was a positive or negative
You may not be in a position to ponder
All depending on what you take or give

So what goes around comes around
The basis of human behaviour
Be ready to face the sight and sound.!!
In any of life’s endeavour..!!

ke siad I said i

a poem by Krishnakumar Pradhan

When I was a little girl,
I asked my mother,
“Why should I go to school?”
and this is what she said “Oh kid,
you have to learn,
so that when you come of age
You will earn,
And let us our butter churn”
Thus I learnt the first lesson of my life
Even before I completed my schooling,
that love is not free in this world.
Mother earth is much more kind,
For her you have only to till,
And sow some seed,
And she makes your belly fill.
One thing one must bear in mind,
that you must not pollute the air
by cutting the hair of Mother earth
that are green in colour
otherwise to eat the fruit of your labour
You will not be there