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a poem by Abhinoy Chakravorty

It makes you feel apologetic
It makes you feel great
With memories most vivid
And thoughts most innate
Judgmental and biased, Critical or bizarre
May hit you bad leaving wounded and scarred
May gravely effect temperament
When we spare time to introspect

We explore ourselves, know us better
The nasty brain is always their to deter
Flaws look enormous, Qualities seldom prevail
Truth leaves you shaken good enough to derail
May look like one man of misery or an angel of grace
Emotions and sentiments occupy the space
Relies on the past, torments the present
When we spare time to introspect

Callous or serious, carefree or sensible
Your deeds bog you down, fissures and voids become visible
Makes your head spin, can even make you grin
No one to attack, no one to rescue, no enemy, no kin
Can make you calm, May make you lose your cool
Flamboyance subsides, regret rules the roost
Tryst with your conscience, actions on the stake
Our unrealized dreams, our guilt keep us awake
Makes us repent, makes us lament
When we spare time to introspect

It’s never too late yet it’s never prescribed
Aftermath of it, can hardly be described
Clashes keep echoing, turbulence perturbs
Radical upheaval and commotion disturbs
It may cause decline, may decimate,
It may instigate, it may sedate
It may revive or resurrect
When we spare time to Introspect.

Tethers of Memory

a poem by Pravin

I fled desperately from the caves of Memory
I plunged down the fathomless sea.
I swam hard down the surging waters
And struggled against the heaving waves
Hoping, ceaselessly hoping to outrun
The pounding feet of Memory.

I ran, swam to the shore’s sands
And stumbled over fallen rocks and logs.
I looked up at great gulls circling overhead,
Watched them spiraling down on my wearied body.
And yet again stove to beat
The pounding feet of Memory.

I slouched, cringed and wriggled my limbs
Fanatically along the desert sands.
Hot sizzling sands parching
My brown ruddy crimson hands.
My sweat vanished in a cloudless smoke
My body ached asking for no more
Of this tortuous eternal flight.

Just then I heard the wings overhead.
Huge black brawny vultures descending
Pecking at my bloodied scalp
Whence dripping blood and sweat alike.
I saw hordes of crooked claws and ravenous beaks
Chiding my soles to flee again.
And then, I heard and saw
In the madly gyrating wings,
The pounding feet of Memory.

I wearily lifted my senseless shell
And dropped down yet again
This time never to rise as well.
I shut my eyes and squirmed
And felt the creepy talons tear
At the dead inert mind of mine.
I lost the feeling of life
And the necessity of living.
I dropped into a word of paralysis
And subdued maddening silence;
I drifted into its widening wake.
But yet again I heard and hated
The pounding feet of Memory.

Madly thudding and swaying
And suddenly all at once still.
I realized and deciphered
The logic of this lull.
The chase, the quest was over!
So stood the halted feet of Memory
Pointing wickedly and roaring haughtily
At the hollow sunken victim; Me
Who tried to elude, escape
The clutches of His omnipresent tentacles.

Then, He bellowed majestically,
“Oh! Poor vain captive, thou hast
Tied to abandon my Web
And sought to free your mind.
But I pervade everywhere.
Surrender your futile instincts to my Bind.

I cried, I wouldn’t believe Him
But He laughed and mocked my plea.
Villainous contraption my mind was
For inexplicably it accepted His pillar of Professory
With joyous tumult and ascending glee!
I sat aghast and stumped at
My mind’s beastly betrayal.

I raved and screamed in alarm
Never relenting my passionate agony.
But then Memory thundered,
“Do be docile and suppress your
Meaningless whimper,
Subjugate your blundering passion.
Hark! Yield to my conquering power,
Listen to my protective counsel.
Man cannot obliterate me.
Me who have chosen to fuse
Strange constitution of thoughts.
Thoughts of devotion or desertion,
Of music or melancholy,
Of faithful friend or fuming foe,
Of darkness or deliverance”.

“Comprehend this Truth, my Child
Convey unto me your willing mind
And cease to seek removal of me
From the recesses of your cerebral blind”.
I still cried, I couldn’t believe Him.
But now He never mocked my plea.
Soothingly He caressed my weary brow
With His expansive motherly hands.
Whispered words of reassurance,
That I was indeed His son, His loving fetal Wand.

I gazed at His tender eyes
And cried still, since I now believed Him.
He wiped my tears and smiled
With His caring, compassionate gaze.
Villainous contraption my reverberating soul was!
It accepted Him, His pillar of Professory
With joyous tumult and ascending glee.