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The Internet Saga

a poem by Prachi Bohra

It’s sad how life is limited to screens
Struggling to create an identity at an elusive platform
We chat with walls, post on screens, use our fingers more than our heads
Becoming obsessed with ourselves,
We forget the world we are living in,
Trying to find an escape in the deep web of virtual world
Imagine how would it be if suddenly one day the internet vanishes
We’ll again write letters, meet people, CONNECT in the real sense,
Have that human touch!
Bring back that long lost sense of belonging
Of love and accepting our imperfections
Imagine how would it be if one day the internet vanishes,
We’ll begin to FEEL again!

On one table- Incommunicado!

a poem by Yashna Arora

Together, on one table,
But not so together.
Stooped forward,
Plugged into a surreal world,
Distant from reality.
Another like
Another comment
#140 characters, some zest of emoticons and SENT!
+1 Friend request accepted.
Whoa! A thousand ‘virtual’ pals to ostentate,
Do you know any of them? Sorry! Hard to elucidate.
Look, we are on one table together
Though not so together.
I am lost…
Deep and deeper than ever,
Somewhere in the recesses of my black 5 inch HD screen
With our smartphones getting smart, smarter and smarter-er
I see our memories of being together getting faint, fainter and fainter-er
Somehow, I fail to remember
The last time we held hands
Or the time when you clasped me tight in your arms
I fail to remember the last time we sat together and actually LOL-ed
Or the time when I said something and you gave your approving nod.
But, I remember the day you first texted me a “Hi!”
And the day you posted a picture of you eating an apple pie
I remember the day I posted a comment
And you were the first one to reply back with a long statement
I also remember the day you sent me a heart emoji
And I was upset it was yellow and not red
I remember the day we became friends on FB
And my heart wasn’t for a moment steady!
I’ve been typing this long long message for all that long
And I find it all entirely wrong
Because we’ve been sitting on the same table for an hour or more
Without a word to say it all.