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Karma… what goes around…

a poem by Ketan Sonalkar

What goes around comes around
Be it relations or any other interaction
Sometimes it is very profound
And many a times a different reaction

Karma may be a given name as such
But what matters is your dedication
You may give someone so much
Still leading only to commotion

A good deed may be done this week
But the rewards may take years to reap
The positive vibrations always leak
Returning the rewards in a huge heap

What goes around will come around
But you never know from where
Either the sky or the ground
In your destiny it will always be there

What you do today will be repaid later
Whether it was a positive or negative
You may not be in a position to ponder
All depending on what you take or give

So what goes around comes around
The basis of human behaviour
Be ready to face the sight and sound.!!
In any of life’s endeavour..!!

Life, in brief

a poem by Deepanshu .

Don’t lose hope
On the life’s slope
God is there
To help and care

Every gloomy night
Brings dawn again
Drought will pass
Surely it’ll rain.

Defeats lead victory
Gay wins grief
Spring after autumn
This is LIFE, in brief

A Saga of Success

a poem by Himadri Sharma

Life wants you to believe,
You were born to achieve.

When your journey begins,
Don’t forget to grin,
Sooner or later you will win.

Life is not a race,
Stride ahead at your own pace.
A dash of passion on your face,
Work hard as you step up your chase,
When You grow with grace,
Excellence is what you will ace.

Your dreams reside high up in sky,
The stars shine bright as you lay by,
The almighty above wishes you to fly.

Carry your passion up your sleeve,
A saga of success is what you will weave!!

A Tribute to the Greatest Dreamer of Our Generation – APJ Abdul Kalam Sir

a poem by Avijeet Das

Infinite dreams of those sublime moments
When you surreptitiously read about stars and galaxies
And you helped your father ferry the villagers across the river
Priceless thoughts that you comprehended in your cerebrum
Precarious to imagine, dangling onto a thin gossamer
Desperate to break-in with that brilliant discovery!

You would stay awake when everybody else slept to read and study from borrowed textbooks Of helping friends and thoughtful elders, you would then dream-on those illuminating yet Elusive rays in your mind’s canvas and paint with the multitudinous colors of the rainbow, you Never thought the mind had any limits
For your dreams encompassed the Universe of Universes!

As you woke up before dawn while everybody else slept and only dreamt, you toiled hard and Delivered newspapers to sleepy homes and to give shape to your dreams that would await your Paint-brush and colors to arrange from the disarray!
And as the dawn slowly took shape so did the pied blooming of a desert rose !

~ Forever you will be remembered A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Sir, you taught us to dream big!

My Dream

a poem by Annapurna Krishjeev

She came to me, toddling her feet,
I could not recognize her, but, meet,
She resembled some one I knew,
Her glowing eyes gave the clue.

Yes, her eyes filled with hope,
Give me the spirits to cope,
With all the troubles and strife,
With all the rubbles of life

Indeed! She is my dream,
Whom I cherished in my heart,
Whom I nurtured in my thought,
But, through the life stream,

I forgot her, I abandoned her,
And buried her miles farther,
With all the pains, but, in vain,
For, she has come back again,

To enliven me from the death-bed,
To strengthen me for life ahead,
From despair, to make me relieve,
In my destiny, to make me believe,

She says, “She is with me”,
To support and stand by me,
And promises affectionately,
To become one day, “a Reality”