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Yes and No

a poem by Manali Desai

Yes, I am 27.
No, I am not afraid to admit it.
Yes, I am still single.
No, I do not regret it.
Yes, I am getting old.
No, it doesn’t scare me.
Yes, I am still immature.
No, I don’t intend on changing it.
Yes, I am unsure of some things.
No, I don’t mind it.
Yes, I value my life, career and independence.
No, I won’t live it on anyone else’s terms.
Yes, I do worry about my future.
No, that doesn’t make me any less strong.
Yes, I will get married soon.
No, you’re not allowed to ask me when.
Yes, I am sad about some things.
No, that doesn’t mean I am not happy with my life.
Coz I have people I care about and they care back for me!
Today, I thank all those people.
Call, Facebook, WhatsApp or any other way. Your one effort makes my day.