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My Bae

a poem by Khan Fahad

How sharp is my bae, like a shooting dart
Who can carve a place in her heart

To open your lips is to lose your tongue
She alone will speak, others must mark

Oh! how I prate in frenzied state
Let none grasp my meaning, O Lord

The Change

a poem by Avanish Ingle

When someone questions why did you change
What made the attitude and nature to rain
For I get confused in the concept of query
How did I reveal what made me so fiery

Incidents and accidents whatever you call
Disturbing the mind which is now default
The trust being broken, the affect on neurons
Am not a fool who will carry on

Hesitatingly the instinct took a different turn
Was very difficult, the ecstasy getting burnt
The undefined time, the weird syndromes
Reversing the time like a palindrome.