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The Story of Him

a poem by Mukesh Kumare

Dark was the space,
Fresh was the scar,
His heart was thumping soo loud,
That he was sure of not holding it for far;

Fear was in his eyes,
Confused was his mind,
He continuously asked himself,
Is it worth the sacrifice?

Then his heart became calm,
As he saw hope inside,
He said to himself,
Just let it go and don’t get fright;

He then took a leap of faith,
And from the blackest shadow,
In fraction of time,
He burst to become,
The Brightest Star;

His light conquered the dark,
Because it was now his time,
Though his eyes could not see,
But his soul was in every planet and every galaxy;

There were twinkling stars,
Shinning just like him,
They were spreading his rays of light,
To brighten every dim,

That was the power of hope,
Hope of creating some good,
Thus now he has become The God,
Strengthening every will,
And providing every food.


a poem by Yatin Rajput

I thank god for this attitude of love and gratitude,
Whenever I felt fear, you made my path clear, God!
I thank god for this attitude of love and gratitude,
Whenever I was depressed you made me feel the best, God!
I thank god for this attitude of love and gratitude,
You are the savior of nature, plants and every other creature, God!
I thank god for this attitude with the language of love and gratitude, God!

God’s play

a poem by Chandramouli Eswar

Tiger Tiger, standing bright in the darkest bushes with a fierce sight
Preying deer giving birth, for the moment to strike it’s blow of death

Lovely Deer, cuddling it’s fawn not aware of the Tiger’s plan
Feeding baby with the milk, waiting for the lovely dawn

Tiger, leapt through bushes roaring high, leaving no chance for the deer to fly away
Caught the deer with its mighty jaws sucking every life out of it in a beastly way

Deer is dying with a pain in body and heart, weeping for its lovely fawn
Rolling tears over the cheeks, trying to kiss its baby one last time, left its life by the dawn

Not aware of mother’s death, baby started to cry for a last time
Before the Tiger gave it’s deathly strike

God created the lovely deer with a hand and created Tiger to kill it with another hand
He created the beautiful nature with prey and predators everywhere


a poem by Uday Patel

A celestial figure with flute on his lips
On bejeweled crown a peacock feather tip
A necklace priceless on a golden garb
The Lord blue black has a magnetic charm

Avatar of Vishnu the God Almighty
Preserver among the holy trinity
Descendant from heaven for emancipation of humanity
For conquest over sinner the evil sovereignty

Krsna beloved revered and immortal
An incarnate enigmatic as earthly mortal
A virgin birth in an ordinary home
The savior arrived to cleanse the Earth impure

Born of Devaki and Vasudeva
Fostered by Yashoda and Nanda
The little cherub as he is known
Full of pranks the vivacious makhan chor

Krisna the 8th avatar mighty demon slayer
Lord almighty with names galore
A charming lover of thousands of maidens
Paramour of Radha a love eternal

Architect of Mahabharat internecine
Epic battle between the might and right
The charioteer of Arjun warrior invincible
Master strategist a karmic preacher

Lord Krisna guide and savior
The blessed one an emancipator
Sro Radhe Gopal professor of love and kindness
The Lord Supreme all pervasive omnipotent

A divine preacher of truth universal
All encompassed in Epic named Gita
The song of the Lord unravels
Existential philosophy and intrigue that entangles

Preserver among the holy trinity
In believers sanctum he resides
A blessing for mind body and soul
A revelation of cosmic maze and sounds

Hare Krsna! Hare Krsna! The hymn to chant
The words that enchant and bless who rant

Tears of God

a poem by Ayush .

The night shattered,
And shouts were loud.
Smokes of burning tyres,
Enveloped the cloud.
Loud, were the barks but not of dogs,
The city was trembling with bark of mobs.
People ran on the streets with religious cry,
In revenge of the tears in the eyes that dry.

Temples were quiet and mosques were calm,
The beauty of idols lost it’s charm.
Peace cried and unity sobbed,
At the sight of the riot oneness that robbed.
Can religion part us all?
Puts forward this question,
Every jot of blood that falls.

Lost Happiness

a poem by Abhishek Srivastava

I came to this place to make my life better than others
But at the destination the happiness is passing by
Its age is countable, it is short of breath and its steps are already unsteady
Spring was supposed to be on its way but it seems like it’s already over
May Queen was supposed to smile but its seems like she already smiled
And Among other things, happiness should be on its way but it seems like it already passed
Too much has happened that was not supposed to happen
Anxiety and pain was supposed to leave the valleys and so is my heart
Happiness was supposed to finish before sadness
Now, about to enter the world where there will be no laugh for stupidity
No irk for sarcasm
No coax for sulking
And no sensation for silent love
God was supposed to fulfill my dreams but its seems like it’s already fulfilled
And biggest thing that I regret is that I didn’t even realize it.

Who is He

a poem by Saktheee S Ravichandran

Is He a male
Or is He a female
Is He from others
Who is that

If He is a male
Is He a Black or
Is He a White
May I Know, which is His race

If He is White
Is He an American or
Is He an English
Which country He belongs, let me know

What will He speak and
Which language he prefers
Which media will He choose
Please let me know

Vedas have failed and
Upanishads have failed
Manthras have failed
To locate the His place

Temples and towers have lost His grace
They have turned as parks
He hides somewhere
If you see Him, please let me know

Life – The Suspense Novel

a poem by Nitin Aniyan Thomas

Life is a movie based on a suspense novel
Which reveals untold histories and mysteries
Everyday is a chapter, revealing new characters
From rich to poor, innocent to cheaters, healthy to sick
Passing us like a fading shadow

Every line we read
Is like the moments we pass through
Carrying along a mixture of emotions
From happiness to sadness, success to failure, love to hatred
Which fades with time

Every novel has a beginning and an end
The writter of this novel is God
We are the characters that he has calculated in his mind and sent
He is the script writer, the producer and the director

We are mere actors
Knowing not what is the next scene…
Whether its a comedy, tragedy or a disaster
We have to act till it becomes perfect

At the end of the day all we need to hear is pack up and cut
Launch of the novel, could either be a hit or a flop
All depends on the way we carry the story and the way we perform
All we can do is wait patiently and sit with our hands on top of our head