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My Friend Circle

a poem by Anita Pitter

I have friends who claim to have knowledge infinite,
They are readily accessible and rarely out of sight,
Their distinguished society is so agreeable to me,
They are as eloquent as a companion could ever be!

Some reveal to me the basic secrets of nature,
Opening to me various avenues like a teacher,
Some patiently teach me to restrain my desire,
Others, with their vivacity rekindle a dying fire…

And drive away my worries for me to be self reliant,
Some teach me to be calm, while others, to be defiant,
They aren’t preachy, judgmental, egoistic or rude,
They are worldly wise, patient, humorous, never crude!

Each one offering valuable advice is my constant mate!
Shaping my thoughts imperceptibly, either early or late
I am sure to converse gladly with wise friends as these,
Insightful, intriguing, funny, captivating, if you please!

My friendship with them has been blossoming with time,
No matter how much they cost, they are worth every dime!
My ‘BOOKS’ are PERFECT friends! Friends, I truly adore!
With every ‘BOOK’ that’s fulfilling, I desire many more!

Yes and No

a poem by Manali Desai

Yes, I am 27.
No, I am not afraid to admit it.
Yes, I am still single.
No, I do not regret it.
Yes, I am getting old.
No, it doesn’t scare me.
Yes, I am still immature.
No, I don’t intend on changing it.
Yes, I am unsure of some things.
No, I don’t mind it.
Yes, I value my life, career and independence.
No, I won’t live it on anyone else’s terms.
Yes, I do worry about my future.
No, that doesn’t make me any less strong.
Yes, I will get married soon.
No, you’re not allowed to ask me when.
Yes, I am sad about some things.
No, that doesn’t mean I am not happy with my life.
Coz I have people I care about and they care back for me!
Today, I thank all those people.
Call, Facebook, WhatsApp or any other way. Your one effort makes my day.

Losing a Friend

a poem by Devaki Purohit

Don’t be alarmed
I haven’t ‘lost’ a friend
At least not in the ‘literal’ sense
No, something much worse
Much more unexplainable
I have lost a friend, many friends
To the cacophony around
My piece here is rhetorical and cynical, some might say
I do not disagree
But my grievance is real
I have lost friendships as they used to be
Don’t be alarmed
I still have friends
But the warmth is perhaps a little colder
The smiles and hugs – intentional and artificial
For posterity perhaps – as if reminding oneself that one had a good life
The get-togethers a bit fabricated – with perfect settings
Bottleful of imported wines but empty, shrill conversations
Invisible barriers of affluence – of not just wealth but of thought everywhere
Make us inaccessible physically and emotionally
‘Not fitting in’ has been extolled so much
Someone ‘not fitting’ into this category is, paradoxically, labeled
Yes labels – there are too many of them today –
All clearly defining what’s wrong with our society
But categories that rob the complexity of us humans
Relegating all to neat cardboard boxes with satin ribbons
Friends are relations you chose – built on not just commonality of thought
But shared experiences and moments
Moments that are lived – not just a participant of
Experiences today are more for how others would perceive it
So the clinking of glasses has to be just perfect – the light juts right
And yes pearly smiles abound
I see my younger generation – ‘making friends’ but not lasting friendships
A lot more shared experiences – of travel and the works
But it’s too gleamy and postcardesque
Too virtual than personal
And much too loud and out there
Bellying perhaps the depth and strength of it all
Or may be I am just a cynic not unlike the tattered old paperback
Whose time is to retire from a world which makes little less sense
A world which is far too connected but less together
Much more enlightened but even more lost
Don’t be alarmed
Because I know I am not the only one!