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a poem by Patricia Dsouza

Childhood is precious!
That’s what they say;
Many want to relive it every day.

When I look back at the shadows of the night;
My soul trembled and my heart remembered that awful SIGHT!

My helplessness is what I blame;
But why didn’t anyone understand my SHAME?

Now I look beyond those shadows, running wild;
So that I can save another soul who is just a CHILD!

So that I can save another soul who is just a CHILD!

(In tribute of Child abuse)

What is freedom?

a poem by Manali Desai

What is freedom?
Not only being able to talk as you want,
Wear what you like and flaunt,
Walk in pride and be daunt
Dare and be blunt.
Its also about freedom of the mind,
Not being so blind,
Learning to be kind,
And ability to happiness in everything find!
Being what you like,
Helping others in plight,
Broadening our minds and sight,
Making a difference slight.
Let’s make a promise to self,
To use our knowledge and wealth,
Leading to progress of thought and health,
Of not just one but the entire Nation itself.


a poem by Krithika Anand

I spotted two dogs by the roadside
One of them was walking with his master
The other was a street dog, lazily yawning!
The street dog was so small and puny
I could see his skeleton system you see!
The other looked healthy and tall
Looked well-fed, was enjoying that stroll
Inspired by the dog with his master
The street dog wagged his tail at me
And started following my footsteps
Suddenly he saw the other dog and stopped
The healthy dog wanted to ogle at another dog
A bitch, maybe, but his master kept pulling him
By the leash on his neck, did not yield to his whim
He wanted to stop and try eating something
But the master, unmindful of all that, kept going on
Perhaps he had to go home and rush to his workplace!
The street dog seemed to observe this all
He suddenly stopped following my trail
Went back to his favorite spot by the road
And started gazing at the passers by
He seemed to have realized real soon
That his freedom is too heavy a prize to pay
Even for good food and a secure place to stay!

Fruitless Freedom

a poem by Shivaji Pandhare

Fruitless freedom-
From solitary reaper
To band wagon creeper
As common man I never breathe
Scared and hold my soul in fist
Speechless dumb in crowd
Unbelievable, strange gazes on each
Uncanny faces labeled as if wicked
No reactive rebelling blood in my
Veins detected
I muttered in bathroom
World must be changed
And feel words while brushing teeth
Shit on my head
That carrying worried thoughts as burden
For insecure future

Hate my all acceptances as slavery
I am searching lonely for words of truth

A nominee to stand against to stop all this evil
TRUTH– whomsoever concerned lonely like me
These all damnable scenes eye soring but
I have to salute and smile before them
Who never deserve it.
How I stooped my neck before my nation’s flag?
And I don’t know where my soul fly
And humanity died in heartless massacre in name
Of religion
JUSTICE it maybe snoring after late night feast of
Or it may be vigil whole night worrying for happenings
With Useless remained sensitive heart sentimentally.


a poem by Nikki

Falling from the sky carelessly,
teasing me of the infinite freedom they have,
Falling into my cage onto my stiff skin
Leaving promises of freedom that I do not have,
Behaving like a secret potion.
Compelling me to drink it to be free!
Making me feel how infinite they feel.

But then a Loud lightening struck.
Awakening me!
I looked down and realised that their fate is no better,
that everything in this world comes with a price!
That these silver droplets are now mixed into mud,
going down the drain.
And so, I slowly went to sleep again,
with hope on my mind,
cause only after a dark, cold night do you see a beautiful, warm sunrise.