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a poem by Zainab

Tik tok it moves and 12:00 AM it shows,
Midnight it was, and I was awake of course.
The curtains on the window, filters the moonlight,
Which falls on my bed, hugging me tight.
I was lying on my bed, dreaming a dream,
Okay! My life is alright as it seems.
Days pass on, so does the years,
And the vision of my life was clear.
I had a dream, a dream that came true,
To achieve something that I desperately wanted to.
I was lying on my bed, looking out at stars,
They twinkle all night as if they heal my scars.
Yes, the days passed on, so does the years,
Now, it’s a smile that I wear.
Life was never what I wanted it to be,
But today, I am glad to say that,
Yes! Finally I AM FREE.

Have you been there

a poem by Patricia Dsouza

Have you been there?
Where I have been
Have you lived in fear?
Surrounded with pain and tear

I hear someone say – Love conquers is all

I wonder, was love really shown across?
Was anyone there to see my loss?
I have been in a grip for a while
Darkness surrounded me

Yes, I just wanted me to be FREE……
Never knew what that meant to be
But today is the day and now is the time
Tears of pain, in the age of crime

Now as the scales on my eyes fell dry
Free at last, as I turn and fly