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It was that smile

a poem by Anuja Pandey

It all started with a smile
I thought you meant it for someone else,
Thinking who can ever like me.

Well, I know I look odd with those chubby cheeks and these specs on.
But did it ever stop you,
I kept ignoring the fact that it is me.
It was always me, but it never click me.

And we went on this way, till that day.
There you were in front of me, waving at me, even with no space for air to pass by

Do you even know, I always wanted this, wanted us to let go,
Let go of all the emotions, emotions that crosses by.

I wish I could have hold my breath and asked you your name,
Because you always knew mine.


a poem by Shubhanshu Shrivastava

Time was floating as swift as lightening,
No melody of love entered my mind,
Until I met you, my love,
It was frightening, of the unholy past I left behind.

Your face I found wherever I was,
In my deepest dreams or the day ‘twas,
Long lost and awaiting, amazed I found,
My destiny in you, to you I am bound.
I was always divided, hollow and grave,
Feeling, half alive and half below the ground, engraved.
In that stoic silence you came to me,
Freeing from those broken chains that were meant to be,
My stony heart of the vehement cold, incessant,
Found your warmth, melting and repentant.
I look back at the recent times that passed,
Breathing, thinking of you persistent, starved,
Filling my heart with passion, and love,
To the drowning ecstasy of unspoken words.
Hence I say it, give you my word,
That I would love thee forever, O beloved.

The recovery

a poem by Amshudharsai K

Feels as if, she, the light House of my life
Completed my twelth, felt so depressed
Her words made me love my life
Felt my dear when is near
Your crazy wishes
To go out
To hang out
Made me feel special
You are my Sun
You are my Moon
My day begins with the feel of compassion with you
And ends with the same
The eyeliner you applied had just pulled me to have
Deepest look in to you
Please come back to make me special
My dear
I messaged you with suspicion
Please consider it as the slip test but not a life test
Oh God, just get me my feelings
That happens when you come to my life dear


a poem by Zainab

Tik tok it moves and 12:00 AM it shows,
Midnight it was, and I was awake of course.
The curtains on the window, filters the moonlight,
Which falls on my bed, hugging me tight.
I was lying on my bed, dreaming a dream,
Okay! My life is alright as it seems.
Days pass on, so does the years,
And the vision of my life was clear.
I had a dream, a dream that came true,
To achieve something that I desperately wanted to.
I was lying on my bed, looking out at stars,
They twinkle all night as if they heal my scars.
Yes, the days passed on, so does the years,
Now, it’s a smile that I wear.
Life was never what I wanted it to be,
But today, I am glad to say that,
Yes! Finally I AM FREE.

Tears of God

a poem by Ayush .

The night shattered,
And shouts were loud.
Smokes of burning tyres,
Enveloped the cloud.
Loud, were the barks but not of dogs,
The city was trembling with bark of mobs.
People ran on the streets with religious cry,
In revenge of the tears in the eyes that dry.

Temples were quiet and mosques were calm,
The beauty of idols lost it’s charm.
Peace cried and unity sobbed,
At the sight of the riot oneness that robbed.
Can religion part us all?
Puts forward this question,
Every jot of blood that falls.

My confession

a poem by Rajat Maske

I’m here to confess
My life is a mess
And it chases my way
I see ’em, few faces staring at my face… with a disgrace!
Wondering what this twenty year old has to say?
Nobody knows a cold story he has to share
Shame, guilt and regret… suffocating my air… don’t stare…
Let me say it… let me spit it out here
Then pick a doubt and I promise, I’ll perfectly make it clear.
So what happened is a story I’m living in still,
I’ve been dealing with the pain, lovin’ a selfish girl,
Selflessly going in, giving up my everything and
Then ending up nill, don’t you worry my pal I’m keeping it real

Keeping it shorter as much as you can bear,
Tripping the orders of the borders of my page
Coz I felt like a living thing being trapped in a cage
Crying out is better and easy nowadays
Writing a letter for myself coz I’m crazy as always

Well ask yourself
How can you be perfectly perfect without faking?
How can you destroy something before making?
Its like they asking have you …. the girl before dating?
Hey tell me have you loved me enough before hating?

My life is like a coin, flipping turns, and the God must be enjoying
Killing me every second and
Every first second is so annoying,
Playing with the words I’m just allowing,
Allowing God, to push me through the toughest points

No it ain’t the problem that hurts, its the life itself…
I’m writing it down
Feeling it right even if it may be wrong for the rest


Your Memories

a poem by Sangeetha Mohan

In the depth of silence
I saw a flash of light
It was my dearest dear
Recollecting our past
He told me how much he loved me
Contemplating future
He told me how much he missed me
He took me into a room
I pierced in through the flock
To see his body lying dead
When I turned to him in complete bewilderment
He vanished with a smile
Leaving me to burn his lively incandescence.

Unheard Feelings

a poem by Annapurna Krishjeev

When people said, it’s raining
I wondered if it was raining
When people said, it’s sunny
I wondered if it was sunny

When people said, it’s cold
I wondered if it was cold
From my memory I unfold
The story that I never told

Through the window I see
The little boy play with glee
With his arms spread apart
Hugging father sky’s heart

And each drop, when it fell
His cheeks, they both swell
His lips wore a tender smile
His happiness spread a mile

Staring the fields it was a fun
All crops swung along the sun
They turned from east to west
As if groping for mama’s breast

At night, I heard birds cuddle
Sharing their wings and huddle
All the siblings slept together
Promising to separate never

These gentle family knots
And their lovely thoughts
To understand them, I fail
In this lonely juvenile jail


a poem by Nikki

Falling from the sky carelessly,
teasing me of the infinite freedom they have,
Falling into my cage onto my stiff skin
Leaving promises of freedom that I do not have,
Behaving like a secret potion.
Compelling me to drink it to be free!
Making me feel how infinite they feel.

But then a Loud lightening struck.
Awakening me!
I looked down and realised that their fate is no better,
that everything in this world comes with a price!
That these silver droplets are now mixed into mud,
going down the drain.
And so, I slowly went to sleep again,
with hope on my mind,
cause only after a dark, cold night do you see a beautiful, warm sunrise.