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Poetic Reverie

The moon is lit in the garden
Shining as a glazed tongue,
Playing hide and seek behind the
I would have loved to have you
With me for a quite moment
Oh dear one, let’s feel
How the heart overflows-
Our hands are clasped and
Touch is an elation, joyful
Shuddering of the veins as
Feeling leaps up like the
Petals of a wild flower-
Oh darling how I wish
We were soaked in tremulous joy
Hugged and embraced emitting
The heart’s warmth as the burning hearth
The night glistens with pearls-
How I wish to adorn them to lover
As a necklace flaming passion
The dark of the night is an
Yielding bed to my lover
My loins have the dark of them
The abyss to give you joy
To circumambulate the
Nectar of your passionate lips
And stay in you drenched
As a song of love.

For Ms. Mignonette Reposar

Let me embrace you
As tenderly as I hold a rose;
Let me wet your lips
With passionate kisses
Let me caress you and
Whisper the music of
Love in your delicate ears.
Let me see you as Eve
In the garden of Eden
Let me feast my eyes
On the rounded shapes
Of your contours
Let’s mount on to the bed
As lovers in feasting.
Let us rock ourselves
With the cradles of passion
Let us surge in the rhythm of
Let’s moan and coo our
Passions to sublimity
And lets submerge
Our poetry to the hearts of love.

Ode to Love

Dawn’s eyes woke
me up with the
thought of you…
The birds were
whispering poems of love…
The silence of the colors
lit my heart and I felt
it flowing to you…
In the petaled hues
of sky, I felt my
passions for you
being embraced…
When Oh my
Darling will I
hear you moan?
When darling my love
we can share and
experience the
intimacy of ecstasy?
Your body
is a blossomed flower…
It agitates my heart
and body now
lying in imprisoned in
Yes, my love,
I long to be united to you
in love, passion and moaning
as a river would in its flowing
be forever yours in passion.

Passion of the Fruit

Your orchard is a
passionate house
full of sweet seasons…..
Seeing, touching, tasting,
smelling your fecund
body … Oh my soul
would delight…
Yes my love…
I’ll receive your
love in passion
Oh gentle lover
I offer my body
to you… to be
loved, cared
and loved…
All our nights
will be like
a passion flower…
Bursting with
molten juices
of honey…