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a poem by Abhinaya Raju

On your fabric,
The lines bleed asymmetric.
For every word left unsaid,
Flows from within a portion of your red.
The scars may heal,
But the pain forever you’ll feel.
With a needle that thin,
Go ahead Darling…
Ruin your skin.


a poem by Jayant Kashyap

Oh! Dreams, they kill me,
I feel like dried, and pressed thereafter,
To be stacked in some corner, or
To be thrown in some shattered pile;
I feel like being an object-
And these inanimate creations,
Of my mind, holding my reins.


a poem by Swapna Gopinath

Fixed in a moment of agony
Of pain and shame and fear
Revisiting the moment
Regurgitating the vomit
Belonging to a sick soul
My body resists and recalls
To redeem myself is impossible
With breasts that’s grown fuller
With disturbed pangs of pleasure
The shame of his sin returns
Tormenting me, forcibly
Ageing skin and failing vision
Refuse to let go of the moment
Laughter clubs, yoga clinics
Myriad ways of escape
May be, a hand that feels the pain
Will fight the demons away… May be?


a poem by Girish Elchuri

Uncertainty is killing
It’s very unforgiving
Making life confusing
Not sure of future that’s coming.

Uncertainty is a state of our mind
When no answers can be found
For the situations that are not sound
As desperation is taking over the ground.

Uncertainty is always there
Feeling that life is going nowhere
Bringing sadness that’s difficult to bear
Pouring problems onto in full gear.

Uncertainty is not certain always
It comes and goes in life as phases
Bringing periods of dark days
Surely, they will be testing times.

Uncertainty will face the defeat
When you refuse to bend at its feet
Having will power stronger than concrete
And the readiness to fight it and beat.

Uncertainty can surely be handled
Have positive thoughts fully loaded
With determination to face the grind
Praying with faith and hopes abound.