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Rubber Men

a poem by Kalki Walle

Rubber trees are in the Indus,
for the single use, extract latex,
give direct/indirect Rubber product…

Human society is similar
being money, instead of rubber

No longer born and grown,
but sown and cultivated…

A corrupt politician’s story

a poem by Godavari

An over sized coat, a pot belly,
Has no shame but lots of money.
A story from rags to riches, a very humble beginning,
A leader with a massive following.
He charged a commission for his misdeeds
Passing a tender, flouting norms which he could easily supersede.
Soon his wealth and arrogance swelled, from zero to 1 leading 10 zeros
As a leader his morals plummeted down to a zero.
A scam or two did not matter,
All charges against him were ripped to tatters.
A Swiss account, a swanky car, a vacation abroad
He got away with one too many frauds.
Soon his luck ran out,
He was going to jail without any doubt.
The media haunted him, people taunted him
His bulb fused out, his future was dim.
He was behind bars without bail
The rest of his life was spent in jail.
Soon death arrived without a warning
He went to Hell groaning.
God asked ‘O immoral soul, where is the wealth you were given?
Did it help you to go to heaven?’
‘No’ said the wretched soul as he cried loudly
‘I was a fool to think I could get anywhere with my money’.