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a poem by Charudutta Panigrahi

His life asked him his identity
I say it’s an unseasonal drop on the pane,
Just a vagabond bard,
A silent crooner
Sans a meaning.

Meaning is a frame
A frame which defines,
But a drop is a drop
From somewhere up to somewhere down,
From a vastness to a vastness
A drop, a bard, a nothing…
When has a no thing been any thing?
His life asked him his identity,
I say it’s any thing that’s your thing…

(On my way to office today, amidst weeping clouds, to be something)

Here and Now

a poem by Charudutta Panigrahi

Am I here,
Am I now,
There is stillness within,
The neons outside look foolish,
Someday they would know,
But till then let me blink in duet.

Many are gone,
Many more to trudge along,
Some moment,
When the wind blows fresh,
I’d be here and now!

Till the skylark looks back,
I am here and now.