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I am an Artist

a poem by Rheanne Mlq

I am an artist
I paint wildly and abstract
I use the blood of people to paint with
And I do not regret what I have done
My work is usually colourful
Different shades of red
The blood I use is not from people I kill
But people who have fled
I can sell you a painting
But it will cost
Not diamonds nor rubies
But blood that you have lost

Sharpening Pencil

a poem by Sharad Rajimwale

I cut my finger while sharpening
the pencil

I must sharpen it.
They sharpen their daggers and swords
to spill unknown blood.

But we need pencils sharpened
to save life.

I cut my finger.

A drop of blood oozed out
on the white paper
slowly filling it with its own legend.