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Shrewd Time

a poem by Abhishek Srivastava

Of all the entities, I have ever seen
Time is the most heartless
It moves slow when you are sweating in the bright sun in hot desert
And searching for water
It moves slower when you are in excruciating pain due to bite of a snake
And waiting for anti-venom to work
It moves slowest when you are about to be hanged at 6:00 in the morning
And waiting for hangman to pull the lever at 5:55
But the time is the shrewdest of all.
It runs fast, when you don’t want to leave the place which you called home
And the train is ready to take you hundred miles away
It runs faster, when you are staring the person you love with tears in your eyes
And you don’t want this moment ever to seize
It runs fastest, when you are in the arms of your most beloved person
And you know you won’t be able to feel the same heartbeat ever
Time is indeed a sea which is immeasurable and endless
But its water has become black with tears of yours and mine

Not a Rebel

a poem by Abnish Singh Chauhan

A time comes
when his heart and mind rebel
and chastise—
‘This is enough.’

But, the force of feelings in him
subsides after a while
as if it is a periodic process
and nothing else.

Garrulously talking at mealtime,
daydreaming while meditating,
falling asleep with the television on
or sitting on internet for hours.

Gossiping in the canteen,
taking interest in rumors,
making rumors
or criticizing others.

Doing nothing properly,
getting annoyed too easily,
lying at sixes and sevens
and on being caught, saying— no, no.

On being fed up with all this,
his heart and mind rebel
and want some big change.

But, it seems to him
nothing is going to change in his life.
He is a slave to his habits,
not a rebel— yes.

The Beautiful One

a poem by Sharmila Ray

Nefertiti the beautiful one,
Nefertiti spoke
From mounds of sand and
Heaps of loose stone
Her body has become heavy
And centuries of sickness has invaded her.
Her name was
What lifted Akenaton’s heart.
Now under a boundless sky
The pulsating passion
Lie locked in a granite hollow
And her youth, beauty, power
All edited in collected writings.
She misses the barges up the Nile
And a call of a heron
In the high wind.
She urges the passerby to
Delve into her
To decrease the leagues
Between her and
Violet immensity.
Her breasts fall forward
Her lungs swelled out
With air
She stretches out from the
Abyss of deep time.
And time looses meaning.
The air, the very air
That you and I breathe
Nefertiti breathed
Unchanged, unaltered through centuries.

Art of Wings

a poem by Anand Bose

Winged art moving
Time as a poetic glazier—
It’s a music delighting eyes,
A dance that floats, stunning
The silence of eternity;
Watching them climb
Higher and Higher, their
Celestial robes having the
Precision of a mobile art
Gallery— I am standing
On the earth, while you
Open the art of an experience;
You disappear from my vision-
Yet you have chosen a destiny–
A white flame merging as a song
Of love, your breath now,
An ethereal cosmic whisper.