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Hear the Silence

a poem by Abigail Fischer

Hear the silence
It’s deafening to me

The wind isn’t blowing
Encaptured in its own insanity
The leaves aren’t rustling
For they dream to be free
The grass moves not
Looking and longing at past memories

Hear the silence
It’s deafening to me

No child’s laughter
No warmth from the heart
Stands no other man
Ensnared at their start
No voice is from within
The silence has torn it apart

Lost the anger but also the guidance
Lost the enemies but also the alliance
Lost the will and show compliance
I have been consumed
Consumed by silence

Death, Death and Death

a poem by Abhimanyu Kumar S

I see the death everyday
Death in relations
Death in religion and faith
Death of man in man
Everyday, everywhere, every moment
Death, death and death.

I experience the death around me
Millions and billions of ceremonies
The smoke on maps of mankind
Death in temple and streets
Death in clubs and parties
Death, death and death.

I foresee the death of humanity
Harassment, discrimination and hatred
Death in purity and sacredness
Death in broken mirrors and home
Death in king, death in masses
Death, death and death.

The other way

a poem by Adner J

They chose the route to the right
But I picked the right path,
Theirs circumscribes their sight
Mine leads to the aftermath.

They have wings to fly around
I stick to the lowest ground,
For I know that fate brings down
Both unknown and renowned.

They carry their lofty misdeeds
that were once little seeds,
After their many years of sin
They are now the devil’s kin

They take pride in cunning
and embrace lies as their folks.
I have grown tired of running
from such falsity and hoax.

A timeless sight

a poem by Oriada Dajko

An old house sounds proud of
disturbing neighborhood’s sight.
Punished to follow lonely fate…
to feel a strong desire for transformation,
but a house can’t move, can not speak,
a building lives in feeling isolation.

No guilty, they persuade life from childhood,
waiting for others to remember them.
Doing nothing to change,
waiting for others to decide
if their life will be
or won’t be timeless inside.

They listen to other people voice,
no way to defend them from the noise.
Not expecting to hear sadness or offense.
Probably they don’t have a luxe
to have a chance.

Not my cup of tea

a poem by Nayana Saji

Are not my cup of tea
Everyone thinks for riches it is the key
Heavy heart, heavy mind
Everyone sees, yet blind
No escape, no way,
For what society thinks makes my everyday
Suffocation, reputation, pressure
My heart hurts out of measure,
Hate myself, hate them
Internally I am turning numb
Help, understand, care
Save me from this nightmare

My home, My cage!

a poem by Brian Fernandes

In my home, my cage
The Door is ajar,
But I remain closed
Suffused with rage.
The light shines through
Pings me in the eye
Oh! Had I dozed?
Maybe, but not long before
Comforted perhaps
By the status quo.

While sleeping dogs lie
Tigers do not rest
Restless in the wild
And in their cage,
Ready to fight
But if hunted,
Ready for flight.
Here I am,
Secure at home
Four walls and a dome
Discomfited by just light!

For outside
It’s not all sunshine
There’s hate,
There’s hoax, there’s hurt
Some think is necessary
And is just fine.
I, I wonder why
And I cry.
Then I see that they are attached,
To what they have
To what they don’t
With strings so strong,
They’ve twisted the strands
Into all that’s wrong.

Is it I, I wonder
Am I that tiger?
If not I, then who?
I ponder.
Can I pull those strings?
This way and that
Till they detach?

I worry,
Will I be hunted?
Have an encounter?
Be put in a cage
And up till the end, flounder?
Please, the time’s not right
Don’t ping me again
That I may wake
And wander out
Of my home, my cage…

Rubber Men

a poem by Kalki Walle

Rubber trees are in the Indus,
for the single use, extract latex,
give direct/indirect Rubber product…

Human society is similar
being money, instead of rubber

No longer born and grown,
but sown and cultivated…

Consumer of History

a poem by Ramanujam Meganathan

Banking on inherited memories rejuvenates me.
As and when I remember the memories
That me and my people long to cherish
And those me and my people despise to relish
To remember not as memoirs
But as inerasable scars.
The nation, the geography, the war, the leaders
The language, the temples, the forts and those statues,
And the ethnicity
Then comes the innate xenophobia
That declares me and my people as more equal than others;
And others do live in History’s mischief,
Bloodshed as part of the living
And for the living of me and my people,
And the making of the histories
That I and my people have today
As glorious moments of the past for the present
But for those who produced this wicked ‘hero’
That is unexplainable.
The Unforgettable’s enigmatic inexplicable
And this makes me feel the heroic deeds
And the unheroic moments as great periods
And people who built that fort and this temple.
I only consume History.

Producer of History

a poem by Ramanujam Meganathan

Learning from the past bloopers
I reconstruct the future through THIS present.
And those present here.
There is NO present as such
For humans live in past glories
And memories that are painful
To think about the future
And the prospective futures.
Those (are) perceived either in fear or in hyper ambitions.
The past seems to me
A mere wars- the wars fought
For a feudal by feudals
Or those whose slaves-
(Both physical and social)
Those kings and their courtesans
Those numerous wives and those concubines
The titles and the moribund army
The modern PROMOTERS of democracy
Yet the common man was ‘there’
But not living.
I exterminate all the above
Including the democracy,
The dictatorship of the prolitere,
The religious kingdom, the Islamic republic.
Egalitarian society for all- the inclusive growth.
I will have equality
Where people are equal
In all but something
Giving room for
Those like I who would like to produce
History- future history.
I produce History
Not for History’s sake
For myself– my sake.