Stereo Life

a poem by Tony Gill

Finding out what your not going to be
All these thoughts buzzing in your head
In this stereo, super punk, comedy
You raise up your fist in the confusion

Waving your flag high, all watch in horror
They wake up from their champagne glasses
Cigarettes, sidewalks, supermarket flashes
Everything is left behind, and anger arises

We stop looking for truth in magazines
And forget the 10 tips to a perfect life
Brought up to think we were all going to be
A rock star, or millionaire, were not

Lift up your flag charge into battle
Scream your battle cry
Leave your autumn beige colored closets
And find life in something besides the TV

TV dinners, pink colored sweaters
A lighten screen telling you how to live
You leave it, in the outskirts of lies
You lie down your flag in the flames