She is My Love

a poem by Rajneesh Yadav

On the paper of love
With the pen of heart
I wrote a thousand times that she is my love

She is just like the shining moon
Perhaps she is the only God’s great boon

Her face glows like a beautiful lotus
When she sits near me, her eyes my focus

How beautiful are her two little eyes
They make her more pretty whenever she eyes

Her glossy lips make me crazy
Her cheeks are beautiful just like daisy

She looks gorgeous when she blush
She is my first and final crush

She is one of the world’s great wonders
Without her I am just like rain without thunders

She has become my life and my breath
My love will never end until my death

My eyes are always curious to meet her
My day doesn’t start until I see her

All the day I weep in front of her pic
Day I don’t see her, I feel sick

Just looking into her eyes
I promise again and again

“I will be your umbrella
whether it is Sun or rain”