Science Fiction

a poem by Jayati

Anatomy; science of living organisms;
Inside the body skeleton; Labyrinth
Elemental rudimentary that our physique shape.
Puzzle brain; strange phantom vision
Configuration haunt to stay.
Bush stretch over long distance
Aurangzeb on his back lay.
“Jizya, Guantanamo Bay”
Flay human flay.
Principal justice, fair play!
What’s the difference? Pray?
Under pretext anyway, over and over slay.
Conceiving mental induction
Hope against hope
Waves of compassion
Archetype made of clay?
Seal life with His rays.
Rain, storm, earthquake strong
Red hot lava, make even, wrong
Church, mosque, temple, synagogue…
Thunder and lightening no voice can stop;
Love is abstract. God’s very own religion!
Skeletal fact that’s fundamental. Call it any name.

Only if science could bring compassion in our heart to tolerate each other and forgive…
God would not appear fictitious…