Romantic Play Ground

a poem by Rajesh Ranga Rao

The Cool park
With the Evening Sun spark
My heart was left with a mark
Because, she was the opposite of dark

Her first look on me
Changed my “Good Boy” status
Her color as of Lime
Alike a splendid Lotus

Her flying hair
Even the wind gets beaten up
I was a mute hare
My mind got eaten up

She then had a smile
While glancing a story book
I wondered for a while
Her beauty shook me

An Young boy came near her
Thank God… He was her brother
She threw the ball and he made a shot
The ball now with me so hot

She then turned and started
Nervousness and tension in me, spotted
She asked “ Do you have the ball?”
Oh! I was about to fall

She smiled and asked again
I felt my heart is getting rain
With enormous pain
With her picture in my brain

I gave the ball to my queen
She was ready to take it clean
But her fingers touched mine
I thanked for the divine’s Wine

She was shy like a shiny coin
And I asked “May I join”
She didn’t give me a reply
There was a halt in Love’s supply

Nodded her head slowly
I walked with her lonely
The bat in my hands
The weapon in her hands

Did I see the ball
I was like a cat on the wall
I got out stumped
And she triumphed

Her brother praised her and did say her name
Thanks… My ears being sharp didn’t miss that flame
She gave me a pleasant look
While I was like a blank notebook

The day went away
Night came on the way
Will she come tomorrow?
Or will I be in the playground of sorrow?