Repeat until

a poem by Rajesh Ranga Rao

A shiny evening along the beach side
Was there a beautiful girl found beside
She was in my mind on a speedy ride
I was nothing but a mute guide

The day I looked her eyes
Thought I went away to the skies
Her beauty was away from reach
And my blood was rising like the waves of the beach

The day we talked
The love between us walked
The game has started
The distance has departed

She came alone… She came alone…
I was in the joyous throne
She came near… She came near…
Oh dear! There was a bear…

The eyes turned, the look changed
The wind moved and the love revenged
The earth did take a revolution
And I was in the depth of ocean…

Did give a warm and solid farewell
As I was in the middle of the well
She went away with another man
Leaving me in the land of no man

And the life which had created a burn
Was able to take an unexpected turn
When I questioned my ex-would be
Is your sister free?