a poem by Aswini Mishra

Welcome to the world’s largest anarchy,
I’m sorry, I meant democracy.
But they are the same thing, aren’t they?
The politicians mean the opposite of what they say.
And when the police and administration aren’t asking you for a bribe,
They’re too busy toeing the government line.

And if it’s not bad enough already,
We have to deal with these morons from the BJP.
Hindu pride? Who gives a rat’s ass?
Togadia looks like he’s been smoking too much grass.

He spews hate and expects us to admire that!
He expects us to relate to him and his pack.
And don’t get me started on those Jehadi jerks,
That Laden freak and his kind drive me berserk.

Brainwashing children, making terrorists out of kids,
Man that must make you feel really big.
You say the government screwed you?
Well they screwed me too.

Hell, they screwed the whole country,
That’s why we have surplus grain and still millions go hungry.
So if you really have to blow up someone,
Why don’t you take parliament hostage? That should be fun.

You can demand whatever you want from us,
But all we’ll say is “Keep them ******!”
Eventually you’ll beg us to take them back,
You’ll do anything to get the parasites off your hands.

‘Coz they are maggots, the lowest kind of animals,
I’d rather give my vote to a bunch of cannibals.
Now I’m an Indian and I’m proud of that,
But I just had to state the facts.