a poem by Janakiraman Ra

My right eye was so much alright
That I didn’t know my left one’s plight.
Taking stock of the eye’s serious position
Doctors advised me an urgent operation.
But for the doctors’ timely intervention
My eye could have worsened in condition
And missed the chance of an easy correction.

Their Phaco-needle insertion technology
Made my eye operation extremely easy.
Surgery was done within ten minutes
No pain, no blood, no waiting or bed rest,
Bandage was removed on the next day itself.
Phaco-nit is a good blessing to mankind.

On the third day my operated eye was clear
Everything became sparklingly brighter
What I saw was a brand new world.
Then I suddenly and painfully realized
That I had been for long half blind
Accepting a world that was mist covered.
Let every one check-up and take care
Let none assume that the world is hazy;
God’s world is very bright and colourful really.